Tammy Slaton's Shocking Weight Loss Transformation on 1000 Lb Sisters!

From the beginning of her appearance on 1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton made it her mission to shed unwanted pounds; although, her attempts were unsuccessful. On the other hand, her sister Amy was successful in dropping the pounds. Despite putting a lot of effort into her weight loss journey, Tammy's body eventually gave out and her health worsened during Season 3. Consequently, Tammy chose to focus on her health and entered rehab with a strong commitment to changing her lifestyle. Her hard efforts have now paid off as evidenced by her recent video that reveals her impressive weight loss transformation.

Viewers of the show 1000 Lb Sisters were taken aback when they saw Tammy's recent alteration in her physical appearance.

Tammy Slaton spent a year in rehab and by late 2022, she had made a lot of progress in her mental health. During the summer, she had weight-loss surgery, and then she wed Caleb Willingham in the fall. The two had met in the clinic because of their shared struggles with addiction. Tammy had been quite active on social media prior to 2022, but her postings dropped off drastically, leading many fans to think she had passed away. But according to reports, she was likely hiding her weight loss while Season 4 of 1000 Lb Sisters was being recorded. Recently, Tammy posted a TikTok video that stunned her followers - she no longer had her tracheostomy tube, and her face and neck were much slimmer. People thought she had added a filter, but it was clear that she was smaller in size, as she moved the phone a few times during the video. The comment section was filled with kind words of admiration and appreciation for her hard work, even after facing a near-death situation. The viewers will get to know more about her journey of recovery and how she reached her current state when Season 4 of 1000 Lb Sisters is released in the new year.

When will the fourth season of Sister Wives be airing?

For the majority of the year, TLC was mum regarding the status of 1000 Lb Sisters. But recently they made a statement that the fourth season is coming soon. On the 17th of January, 2023 at 9 PM Eastern Time, the first episode of the season will be aired. As per Variety, the news of the TLC's declaration made the fans ecstatic and they are all eager to find out the whole story of Tammy Slaton. The fourth season of 1000 Lb Sisters will most likely be the most dramatic one as it will follow Tammy's near-death experience. It is claimed that Tammy will take a step no one had predicted beforehand. Despite the viewers attempts to keep up with her on social media, the new season will show Amy expecting her second child and being content as a mother. Unfortunately, TLC implies that Amy finds it hard to care for her children due to her weight. Brother Chris, who is desperate to lose excess skin and is qualified for a skin-removal surgery, will also be featured in the show.

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