3 Tips To Fight Bloating And Keep You Feeling Light

It happens to the best of us. After an indulgent day, it’s normal to feel a little bloated and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, bloating doesn’t just happen once in a blue moon – for many of us, it’s a regular part of life. Another downside to being larger than usual is that most clothes don’t fit us in that moment. That means we have to wait until our excess water weight goes away before we can start wearing our favorite outfits again. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to prevent or fight bloating from happening as often. Here are 3 tips to fight to bloat and keep you feeling light:

Go for a walk before your meal

When we eat, the body is naturally inclined to store any excess calories from the food we’ve eaten as fat. Unfortunately, bloating can be one of the side effects of this excessive storage. To avoid this, try going for a short walk before your meal – it’s a great way to get the metabolism going and help prevent bloating. It also helps to boost your appetite, so you don’t overdo it with food. Another benefit of regular walking is that it can help you lose weight if you do it regularly. This makes it a great choice for keeping your weight in check and preventing bloating.

Mix up your diet

When it comes to fighting bloating, it’s important to think about the foods you’re eating. The best way to do that is to mix up your diet and try new things. This will help you avoid any unwanted and unhealthy eating habits that may be causing your bloating. Foods that are high in fiber are great for keeping you regular and reducing bloating. This is because they help to push waste through your digestive system so it doesn’t sit in your gut and cause bloating. A couple of great options are chickpeas, oats, and legumes. Beans, in particular, are a great choice for fighting bloating and keeping you regular. They’re also a great source of protein, so they’re perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Try natural remedies

Bloating is often caused by water retention, which happens when your body doesn’t properly excrete the water it’s holding onto. That means it’s important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, but drinking too much can actually cause bloating. Thankfully, there are natural remedies that can help prevent and fight water retention. These include things like cayenne pepper, turmeric, and ginger – all of which are great for boosting your metabolism and burning fat. Beets are also a great choice, as they contain a ton of fiber that helps to move your food through your digestive system.


Bloating is a common complaint that many people experience from time to time, particularly after indulging in food or drinks that are rich in salt, sugar, and other ingredients that promote water retention and gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or lactose intolerance. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent or fight bloating and keep you feeling light. To start, it’s important to drink plenty of water and go for a walk before your meal. Mixing up your diet and trying new things is also a good idea, while trying natural remedies can help you fight bloating. No matter what, make sure you don’t let bloating keep you from living your best life.